Fall Decor Using Pumpkins From the Garden in Your Home

Fall Decor Using Pumpkins From the Garden in Your Home is one of the best way to decorate your front patio for Halloween with festive season fall containers. The pumpkin floral plantation is one of my favorites. A pumpkin stuffed with daisies is the perfect way to greet the advent of autumn.

Put some flowers to the blend as you start pulling out the festive decorations for your house and yard. In a pumpkin container, add flowers like marigolds and pansies, or decorative vegetables like cabbage and kale.

Combine your pumpkin pot with freshly farmers’ market gourds, organic corn stalks, and straw crates, or your favorite frightening Halloween décor. All through the fall, vibrant warm hues like reds and yellows, as well as cool shades like pastels and blues, will liven up your backyard.

How to Make a Flower-Filled Pumpkin

Pick a regular or big pumpkin when you go to the pumpkin field with your children or grandchildren. To make a solid pot that will adorn the front porch, use a pumpkin with a firm base. You may also use a pumpkin that isn’t real.

Cut a hole on the top that is large enough to fit a potted plant snugly — approximately 6 inches in diameter.

To get a flat surface, scrape out the pumpkin seeds and flesh, much like a jack-o-lantern. (The seeds can be fed to the birds!)

Place a 6-inch circular pot of fall flowers (in the color of your choosing) within the cut hole. Fill the inside of the pumpkin with filler, such as old plastic water bottles or polyurethane foam packs, if the pumpkin is big. The rim of the container should just reach the pumpkin’s top.

You may also brighten up your cutout pumpkin by putting a bunch of fall flowers into a vase that fits snuggly within the shell. Place flowers to cover the vase’s edge.

Plants That Go with Your Pumpkins

Many garden plants love pumpkins because they reflect the color of the flowers surrounding them, making the whole picture more vivid. They go exceptionally well with chrysanthemums, which are one of the most popular fall bloomers. They’ll draw attention to warm-colored flowers in red, yellow, or bronze, and provide a nice contrast to pink and purple blossoms. The orange skin contrasts sharply with the evergreens and any remnant green foliage. Place them anyplace in your garden that they will fit, or combine them with plant pots along with your porch steps. Your entrance door will resemble an overgrown pumpkin patch due to hanging plants like the vine.

How to Design a Ghost Hanging Basket

You may also build a frightening ghost container to welcome trick-or-treaters this year if you have room for dangling baskets. From the nearby gardening center, choose a beautiful basket of whites blooming and hanging pansies, petunias, or other white flowers. To make a ghastly ghost, add glasses or frightening eyes to the swinging container and place it over your front porch. When the air blows, the daisies will flow over the bottom of the vase, creating the image of a ghost on the go.

Decorate a fresh pumpkin with flowers.

Classic pumpkins are oblong shaped and orange in shape. Our alternatives continue to grow.

Rough, strange, or improperly shaped pumpkins have been in the fashion in recent years. This one-of-a-kind sage-green pumpkin serves as a stylish moderate container for vibrant fall flowers.

If you have a boring pumpkin, try brushing it with brushstrokes of shiny silver and gold paint to give a touch of whimsy. Alternatively, utilize ornamental wire to create one-of-a-kind wire work decorations.

To create eye-catching sales presentations, mix and match pumpkin styles. A wide range of colors and patterns will appeal to a wide range of customers.

The big pumpkin is well-complemented with midnight foam. The dark foam becomes a part of the design, blending in with the flowers and giving it a fresh appearance.

Cut the pumpkin head off like a cap and scrape out the pumpkin flesh and seeds to put flowers. Fill a vessel with flowery foam, such as a homey dish, to protect the water from decaying the pumpkin within. Using wood picks, reconnect the ‘lid.’ Toss in some flowers.

Arrange pumpkins in a row to add curb appeal.

Pumpkins are arranged in a circle around the doorway to guide visitors.

Make a Bird Feeder Out of a Pumpkin 

This pumpkin decoration idea will be a hit with your kids! It’s perfect for pumpkins or squash that aren’t too big. Cut it out and slice it in half diagonally, storing the rest for later. The end product is a little pumpkin plate that can be filled with birdseed and placed on a saucer anywhere in your backyard where birds gather. So many birds that survive winter will appreciate the treat, and your children will be able to watch them visit this lovely display. Watch How-To- Video here

Make a Cornucopia of Pumpkins

Cornucopias like this one from Amazon represent the richness of fall as well as thankfulness for the bounty. Pumpkins are a staple on many people’s Thanksgiving meal tables, but they’re also a great way to extend the same feeling to your backyard with a central focus on pumpkins. Instead of using a horn, position them near the water fountain, a doorway, or a pathway. Include some greenish or beige-skinned heritage types. To add to the appearance, bring in gourds or cornhusks from your veggie garden. Lastly, add a straw pile and some fallen leaves, and your showcase will be bursting with fall flair in no time! Save the straw and leaves once the show is done to fertilize your vegetable patch during the winter.

Using pumpkins to decorate your landscape is a simple way to add some autumn flair. Since they’re most commonly associated with jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins come in a wide variety of forms and colors and may stand alone. They’re a nostalgic emblem, bringing the spirit of harvest and a seasonal atmosphere to your yard at any time even during fall. Furthermore, they don’t mind staying outside and can even take a little cold, so when Thanksgiving rolls along, you can transform your decorations into excellent pie or soup!

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